Need to Vent

Monai • Married April 2018 💍 Baby girl born April 2019 💕 Baby 2 on the Way - 9/2021!

Alright, second trimester has began and I’m over the moon! But I have to say, I’ve literally choked up and been a little down & out the last week. We used to be the super fun couple (go out, friends over every weekend,etc). I mean, I guess we still are because our friends that do have kids have stuck around lol but my girls that aren’t moms...ugh. Example. My husband was out of town for work this past weekend. I text them all to see what was going on for the weekend. All were “yeah! Keep you updated! Come with us!” Did I get that call or text? Nope. And of course that night I see posts... I literally bawled my eyes out. It’s like, “HELLLOOOOO automatic Designated Driver here!!!” I called my husband and I’m like “that’s it! None of them are getting updates and none of them are invited to the baby shower! F@#& them!” When I do send them belly pics or sonograms it’s like “aww that’s cute”. I’m not a damn doll! Geez...

😂 Lol maybe I’m hormonal already? I guess things do change once you’re married and pregnant 🤷🏼‍♀️

Vent over. Just seeing who else has gone through this and how you handled it.