My crushe❤️


So I just really needed to vent to someone about my crushes

So there is one boy called Will( he’s not hot but he’s really really really cute)we sat next to each other in year 8 (12 years old) in maths and we started talking and became friends. I had his number and everything and I just crushed on him for like a year and a half. He started going out with one of my friends and that broke my 💔. But then they broke up and I thought I was over him but then I started talking about Harry Potter and books and stuff and he is the only boy I know who reads a lot like me so now I’m in year 10 and I’ve got a huge crush on him again and I think he likes me back but then I’m not really sure.

Sorry this was really long but I needed to tell someone and I’m praying that nobody I know reads this