26 with hot flashes?


I’m just trying to figure something out. I’m 26 my period is 14 days late. I’m not feeling pregnant I’m just getting over a cold that lasted 5 days (3days of sore throat 2 days of drainage) and today and yesterday I’ve been feeling sensations of heat on my face and sweat. Every time I check my temperature it’s normal.

My main question is...why would I be get hot flashes right now?

I totally forgot I posted anonymously and then started answering comments so I took the anonymous part off my post. I’ll go to the store and get a test but it won’t be until Friday when I get my paycheck.


So my mom wanted me to talk to a doctor and they sent me in for a blood draw pregnancy test. I just got back my results and they are negative. Results said >3

Any suggestions on what I might be going through? (It does sound like they’ll be either checking with the dr or making me an appointment or both, but if they don’t have any ideas I could possibly ask on some of yours) thanks in advance!


So for those of you who were following my post. I had a doctors appointment last monday (Oct 15) where they drew blood and said they were leaning towards PCOS. but would know better when they did an ultrasound a week later. Well, I just had an appointment yesterday with the ultrasound. They looked at my overies and my right one looked great. My left one, according to my doctor, looked like a chocolate chip cookie. My doctor explained that the eggs weren’t maturing properly and so that’s why my ovary looked like that. His final diagnosis was PCOS. So thank you for the concern that was sent and all the advise that was given. I appreciate all of it.