I had to chuckle a little bit!

I am 40 weeks and 4 days along now. My pre induction is scheduled for this coming Thursday night and Friday morning I'll be induced (not dilating on my own and baby is very comfortable in here!)

I'm all belly. I've put on 12-13 pounds in total. And if you look at me straight on or if you see my from the back, you can't tell that I'm pregnant. It's funny but good because I'm hoping I'll be able to get back into shape easily. Fingers crossed!

So I'm at the grocery store getting some things and I hear someone say something behind me. I hear my name followed by "i thought that was you from the back!" I turn around to see a guy I dated for a short time almost two years ago. He's all smiling like a dope and he looks down, sees my belly. His face just dropped like I had sucked the life out of him. I have to admit his face was PRICELESS. And I so wish I had photographic evidence.

He starts babbling and is unsure of what to say next. I totally caught him off guard. He was like "OH wow I didn't realize you were seeing someone!"

I was like, "I'm not." He looked so lost (by the way I'm not with the father of my child so I didn't lie to him lol!)

He looked so uncomfortable said it was good to see you take care and turned and rushed off. Lol. Oops.