Frustrated First-time Mom


I have always lived in my older brothers shadow. We stood by and gave he and his now wife space though their engagement, wedding and both of their pregnancies. (I mean I was even supportive of my sister in law being pregnant in our wedding and worked around her schedule.) Finally, my husband and I were able to have our moment. We found out in August that we are expecting our first child! I immediately was confronted by my sister in law with a look of disgust and later that week received a phone call asking if I thought I would go early or if I would want my mother there at all because she wanted to take my brother on a vacation and have my mother watch the children. I kept my cool and told her we would manage when the time comes. Last night, we received a text message photo of three pumpkins stating they were expecting their third child in May. I feel so hurt and let down that my husband and I are being pushed to the side again. As if it is not stressful being a first time mom, (I’m also a step mom to two girls) now I have to be compared to her constantly, month by month and my child to hers for the rest of its life. I fear my baby shower won’t be about me and guests will feel pressured to get her something as well. Am I wrong for feeling so betrayed and being upset?