Since some of y’all still DON’T seem to get it.


Yes. Women have a lot to be scared of. Women have a right to feel worried and nervous and paranoid. Rape isn’t something to be taken lightly. And yes, most of the time, it is a man raping a woman. Most of the time, if the man gets in trouble, the time he must serve (or doesn’t serve) isn’t enough.


that does not make a man’s worries invalid.

That does not mean a man is not allowed to be afraid of being raped himself, or falsely accused, or being tricked by an underage girl.


All these stupid girls making videos and posts on Facebook saying men have no right to be worried and trying to make it a contest over who has more reasons to be worried...get over yourselves. Just because women have more to fear, doesn’t make a man’s fears invalid.

A guy is in a bar and a 15 YO with a fake ID that looks 21 walks up to him and wants him to take her home? Then accuses him of assault just so she doesn’t get in trouble?

A guy gets falsely accused by someone that doesn’t like him?

Those women that play the “I’m not interested” or “i have a boyfriend” card every time a man tries to compliment her?

Yeah. I’d say men do have reasons to be worried. Because to the majority of women, there is no innocent until proven guilty anymore.


A woman that is tired of these other women making all men out to be disgusting people, and as a woman who was a rape victim herself, believes it is a worrisome time for EVERYONE, and EVERYONE has a right to express their fears without being belittled or harassed.