Never liked being fully girl or fully straight.


Always a Tomboy at heart, loved hanging out outside and skateboarding as a kid. All my life I’ve have crushes on women; friends, teachers, nannies. but dated men. I love women’s, heart, soul, bodies, booties. I’m currently in a relationship with a wonderful man now, I’m 21. All I think about is talking and flirting with women, but never had the courage to do it. I’m a Gemini, so i feel like I have a really soft side, but also a very tough and rugged side. I resist my sexual fluidity but I really am realizing more and more that i need to honor it. I’ve been hurt before, so I guess I’m afraid of rejection. I kissed one of my best friends last year and it was so beautiful but i got scared and I turned her down. I regret it. Help me... How do I come out? I want to be queer. I am queer.

Here’s a photo of me.