Sorry, this rant is very long and emotional.

I’m sad about how I’m living. Everything is so fudged up! My dad and his girlfriend are off living the dream. Now let me tell you a little info on my dad before he met his girlfriend. He used to be an alcoholic with no job, or any motivation to do anything but drink. He lives with my grandpa still (his dad) and I’ve grown up watching him beat on my mom and older brother. I’ve also grown up seeing cops in and out of my home by my dads DUI’s and my mom calling the cops. Now back to why I’m so mad/sad. My dad met his girlfriend when he was in highschool, just like my mom. Except this girl was always on drugs, and she was obsessed with him. I went to my dads house a few weeks ago and he was on something. I could tell because he wouldn’t go to bed or eat or anything. He would tell me to sit in his room and watch movies while he “runs some errands” I believed him for a while. Until I go down stairs to grab a snack. I seen him snorting a line of meth. I am 14 years old. Not once did he ever do this. I was okay with him being an alcoholic because he at least wouldn’t die faster than if he died drugs. His girlfriend brought drugs into his life. Now my dad is skin the the bone with bags under his eyes. His girlfriend looks normal. Why is she doing this to my dad. And now you all must be think, “it’s his decision” no! My dad is like a child. He does what people tell him to do. Except get a job or pay bills. I feel like his girlfriend totally fucked my dads life up. I told my dad if he keeps doing what he’s doing, and stays with his girlfriend I won’t ever go and see him again. And he blocked me on messenger. I can’t handle it anymore of my dad dies there will always be a giant hole in my heart. I want to help him but just like the alcohol, he won’t listen.