Feeling lost in my relationship

Going on three years engaged and trying for kids... Well my guy isn't the easiest to get along with and understand... I broke down the walls and know the real him which is amazing... But when he drinks he attacks me. Not physically verbally. He never sees the hurtful things he says to me that I couldn't imagine ever saying to him. Long story short we separated for a few weeks back in July (he took the ring back and kicked me out) over a small little fight and all of a sudden not trusting me or my friends. So hurt and upset not saying it was the right way to handle this but started keeping my mind off him by another guy. 3 months later of a relationship that was nothing surfaced I should of told him yes. But now he's like an on or off switch one second we're going to push threw this next I'm every worst name in the book? I really need advice! Anyone else go threw something similar and should I keep draining my self over something that won't ever be fixed? Or has anyother ultra ego hot headed mean realise what true love is and made it past this hump in the road. Sorry for the novel just really really lost