Feeling super discouraged


I’m feeling super discouraged right now! I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes as well as being anemic. I’m very worried and I feel like I’m letting my baby down. It’s been 2 weeks since I started pricking my finger and let me tell you, it’s been hard. Changing my diet to be very strict has been very hard for me. All I crave is fruit, but its too much sugar for me to handle. Sometimes I give in, and I feel guilty and my sugar levels are high. I’ve been working hard on trying to keep a strict diet, trying to go on more frequent walks but sometimes my levels are still high. I know that sometimes it’s due to me eating unhealthy things. Another thing is my sleeping schedule is so out of place. I wake up anywhere from 5 AM-10 AM. It’s different everyday. My husband wakes up for work at 4:55 and usually I find I can’t go back to sleep. I toss and turn in the middle of the night due to pregnancy, so I end up getting up at 4:55 and when I take my blood sugar it’s usually pretty high. And I believe it’s because I’m not getting good nights rest as well as not letting my body fast long enough. I just checked my blood sugar for breakfast and I was over. I’m just feeling super discouraged and depressed. I want to be the best for my baby. It’s just hard. Also for my anemia I’m taking iron pills but they make me feel so nauseous that I’ve just stopped taking them. I’ve taken them with food, without food, before bed, in the morning, all make me feel nauseous.

Does anyone have any tips for gestational diabetes? Iron pills? Any food/meal recommendations? How did you stay strict and not give in to bad foods?