Needing encouragement

This is the first day I’ve broke down & balled my eyes out with my newborn. He’s 2 weeks old & I feel like for the first week I survived off of adrenaline but now the pure exhaustion has set it. He’s been a lot more fussy the past few days & at times it’s Iike nothing I do consoles him. I think it may be gas/colic and we go back to the Dr Mon so I plan to mention it then. But he hasn’t been sleeping much at night & then even during the day he fights sleep a lot recently. Today I just cried with him. Big baby crying. I want to be a good mom and be able to make him feel better. I also just want us both to be able to get some sleep at night. I’m just worried and drained and could use some encouragement. Our families live far away & I don’t have real close friends here other than our church family. My husband went back to work this week so at night I try not to wake him plus I’m exclusively breastfeeding so he can’t be much help anyway. I just am struggling today