Help putting my mind at ease?


So from the beginning, I wanted the name Ellie if she was a girl and it turns out, she is in fact a girl. My brother has a 2 year old named Emmie so of course he’s giving me a hard time about my choice. So i tried talking myself out of Ellie and into a few other names. As im sure you’ve seen lol i posted many polls. Well, I couldnt do it. I cant stop calling her Ellie so we’re sticking with it. NOW at my last appt, i asked about when we would find out about a c section date..she said 39 weeks and Thatd put us at 12/6. Well guess what.....THATS EMMIES BDAY!! so i know I’m probably gonna hear about it even more now :( i know i shouldnt care but it does bother me. Am i wrong?