After centuries of few_____it’s A.....


My husbands side has only had 3 girls born in over 200 years!!! And those three girls are all over 20 now. His grandmother had four boys and tried for a girl and ended up with a set of twin boys. On my side we only have one girl, my niece who’s 11. Lots of nephews.

So we thought for sure we’d have a boy because they can’t make female sperm in that family 😂 (Just a joke, I know they actually do)

So we were SO surprised when we got our DNA results at 13 weeks and IT’S A GIRL!

I asked the nurse “Are you sure” about five times lol.

My husband had dreams we were having a girl, as did I, but this pregnancy screams boy lol. Very little symptoms, not craving sweets only meat and salty things.

We are excited to have our little GIRL in April! Didn’t think we’d have a daughter, and I’m so inexperienced with girls😂

This will be the first niece of his siblings, the first granddaughter on his side, etc. I’m already scared of all the spoiling she’s going to get!

Anyone know their baby’s gender or have a gut feeling about what you’re going to have?