Feeling Like A Failure

Charley • Student • Bride-to-Be • Mommy

My daughter is 4 weeks old. We had a rough start on the breastfeeding because she was in the NICU for 8 days after birth and I was bed-bound at the hospital for 6 of those days. So I had to pump and bottle feed because I was unable to see her. Over the course of that time - my supply built up to 150 ml per pumping session after feeding her.

When we got home it was harder to Maintain a pumping schedule. It went OK for the first two or so weeks, and then my supply started decreasing. I was still pumping at least six times a day and constantly feeding my daughter. Now I can only pump about 60 to 80 mL per pumping session after feeding her.

I feel like a failure because she’s eating a lot more than I can produce. I can’t help but think it’s my fault just because I haven’t eaten right, or drink enough water, or pumped regularly. I’ve tried making small improvements last few days and I’m seeing no results.

Any advice? Or should I start just integrating formula now. :(