The Reunion Pt. 1

Claire • Air Force Wife ❤️ 2/21/19 💜 8/20/20 💛

It was the night of a district charity banquet. I hadn’t been back to this town in years and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. My boyfriend, Brody, gripped my hand as we walked into the banquet hall and found our seats. I settled into my seat and adjusted my dress. I had searched for weeks for it, it was crimson with lace cap sleeves, a sweetheart neck line, and a flowy satin skirt that hit just above my knees. Brody hadn’t even said anything about it, but that wasn’t anything new.

I glanced up and Brody was already scrolling through God knows what on his phone. I was already beginning to regret bringing him, this really wasn’t his thing. I took a moment to look around and spotted several familiar faces from high school, people I hadn’t seen in 5 years, most of which I wasn’t interested in reacquainting myself with. Then I saw him. Nate Danford.

I had met Nate at a concert through mutual friends. I guess you could say I had quite the crush on him, and I thought he felt the same, but we were stupid high school kids and nothing ever came of it. He went off to military training a few years ago and I had never heard from him again.

His blue eyes were still striking, even from a distance. His blonde hair was much shorter now and had darkened slightly over the years. He was much more muscular now, but his boyish charm was still evident. I watched as he chatted up a few of his old buddies and then as he laughed at something they said, he glanced my way.

It was as if time stopped. He looked as surprised to see me as I was to see him. I could feel my cheeks turning red as he started to walk over.

“Chloe, wow it’s uh... damn it’s been too long really. It’s so great to see you.”

“Great to see you too Nate. You look well.”

Brody clears his throat and looks at me annoyed.

“Oh I’m sorry, Nate, this is Brody Noland, my boyfriend.”

They exchange a forced handshake.

“Nice to meet you Brody. Well, I won’t interrupt any more of your evening, I just felt like I should say hello.”

I smiled and wished he’d stay, but I couldn’t get the words out before he walked back to his table.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at Brody. Instead I just picked up the banquet program and pretended to be interested in whatever it said. I glanced up and saw Nate looking back at me.

One thing I knew for sure, I had to find a way to talk to him some more.

First story I’ve ever written so bear with me. It will get sexier I promise.

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