I’ve been with my husband for 6 years. I had gotten tested for everything pretty much in the beginning of our relationship and came back negative. Then last year in April 2017 when we were TTC they tested me again for everything to see why we hadn’t conceived. Everything negative. I finally conceived this past May 2018, and they tested me again for everything at one of my first prenatal visits in June. Negative. I am now 25 weeks and went for a check up and told my midwife about a yeast infection I thought I had so she ran some tests and they called me back saying I tested positive for chlamydia! I felt so gross and hurt and angry. We actually just got married like 3 weeks ago! He swears he’s been faithful and admitted he had it before but had gotten treated for it. He also said there was someone else after he got treated that told him she had it so he might have it, but since he had no symptoms he thought he was good. He looked stuff up and found a bunch of cases of pregnant women testing positive (false positive) and their SO negative so he went to get tested. I wanted so much to believe this would be our situation so I could go back to my doctor and ask them to retest me! His results came back positive. Now he swears it has to have been that he’s had it this whole time and it lay dormant because he’s been faithful! But how could I test negative all those times and what are the chances i would also have no symptoms for those whole 6 years?! I’m so confused. I really want to believe him, but I don’t want to be stupid! Anyone been in a similar situation ?