When to Start Trying Again?

How long did you wait to start trying again?

How long did it take for you to get pregnant after your loss?

I was only 7 weeks along and found out exactly two weeks ago that I was pregnant. I am getting through it and trying to stay positive. It happened Sunday night. My doctor gave me a week off school (I’m currently in my last semester at uni) and work because I’ve been under a lot of stress and that may have been a contributing factor so I’m just taking the time for myself to relax and get caught up around the house and ahead on my school work.

I’m hoping I have my period at the end of the month because my doctor said as soon as my levels drop to zero and I have my period we can start trying again! It only took us two months of really trying (taking OPKs, tracking BBT, and going on a gluten free dairy free fertility diet) for me to get pregnant so I hope I fall pregnant again soon and this time it is a viable pregnancy! Please let me know your experiences/stories/advice!