Baby shower this weekend!


I’ve posted before about my anxiety about this dang baby shower and how I feel like no one is going to show.

Well one of my best friends who RSVPed told me yesterday she won’t be there because she has her sisters wedding.. LIKE YOU DIDNT KNOW THAT WHEN YOU RSVPED?!

Then my sister in law said she would be cutting it close because my nephew has a basketball game (which is in the morning, my baby shower is at 1 and it’s only a few minutes from where they live..), my other best friend is still in the Nicu with her baby so I don’t really expect her to be there, and if she doesn’t go I doubt her mom and sister will go. 😔 I just honestly feel like this is going to be a big bust and I’ll feel worse about myself after. I don’t care about the presents, I have most of the stuff I need. I just thought more people would be excited to celebrate my baby with me..