Feeding Child While Going Down The Road

So I was talking to my mom the other day and telling her how I was nervous to travel more than 2-3 hours one way with my 11 week daughter because what if she got hungry half way there. she screams and it makes me feel guilty. That would mean pulling over, feeding her, burping... essentially almost an hour longer than the original trip. She suggested I just bottle feed her while she’s still strapped in her car seat and someone is driving, she said my parents used to do it all the time with us. Has anyone done this? It makes me nervous, what if she starts chocking or something? I mean, it’s just breast milk, she’s going to cough it out, but still. Anyone else have experience with longer road trips?

PS ... I would NEVER take her out of the car seat and feed her goin down the road, NOT what I’m saying 😊

EDIT ... 11 WEEK ... I’m loosing my mind 😂