First time mom and i need help!!!!!


I don't usually get a lot of responses on here but I need some help. (Sorry for the length just needed to make sure I put everything in there so I get the best help)

I'm a FTM and I'm due this Sunday (10/21). Yesterday at my appointment I had a membrane sweep. That evening I started getting very regular contractions (every 2-2.5 minutes lasting 45-60 seconds) so hubby and I went in to L&D. They monitored me for a while and said that it's likely early labor because even though they're consistent they aren't changing my cervix yet. So they sent me home. Well this morning my hubby and I had sex to try to get the ball rolling more and then when I went in to the bathroom to pee I lost my mucus plug. Like a huge amount with blood in it. And now I'm starting to have contractions again. So I guess my question is as first time moms, when did you go into full blown labor after losing your plug and is there anything I can do to help the process along?? Thanks in advance!