Nabothian cysts


So. I had an ultrasound of my transplanted kidney in April. Everything looked good. Started having pelvic pain in June. No infections or anything but had an ultrasound done and they found a sac of fluid. Said it could be my period. My nephrologist ( I know weird) had another ultrasound done 2 weeks ago although he never called with results. I read the report. I have nabothian cysts. ( I also have pcos, which I already knew). I have been off birth control since July. I still get periods but they are like 32-34 days cycles of 28 like when I was on birth control. I read that they go away after birth. I have NEVER been pregnant. I already read that it could be menopause ( I hope not because I am only 2 years post transplant and uh I want kids) or it could be a long term infection. But if everything was coming up ok. Then what the heck?!

Anyone else have these things?

Didnt know where to post this.. sorry