C 🌈 Due 7.25.19

Don’t know where else to put this. I feel like someone on here may relate. Had a MC in May. My hubby and I had to be apart for his work for the last 8-9 months but we tried to time visits around my window. I think the MC I had was because we BD and then I ovulated a couple days later after we were apart and had “old” sperm. We are back together again now and this is the first month we can BD regularly. So I had good feelings to have a stronger baby. Supposed to be ovulating soon (not sure but my apps predict anywhere from yesterday to tomorrow) and hubby didn’t want to BD last night 😫log onto the computer and nothing but babies being born and pregnancy announcements everywhere. Including Meghan Markle who’s about my same age and here I am beating myself up for being “old.” Well she is “old” and gets it on her first try practically. And to announce on MC/Infant Loss Awareness day yesterday of 10/15 seems so insensitive. Almost screamed at him last night guess we aren’t having a baby this month again either. But I just rolled over and just laid in bed and cried this morning after he left to go to work before me. Haha maybe it’s hormones talking and that’s a good sign. OPKs negative still but Hopefully my window hasn’t passed and we can BD tonight. 🤞