Please, please help me make sense of this!


I'm really going to try to concentrate on just facts here and not my feelings. I need help with this.

I took a digital test on Saturday morning, 12dpo and got a BFP.

I went to the doctor Monday afternoon and both regular tests they did came back negative. So she ordered blood work.

I took another digital test Monday night and it came back positive. 14dpo.

The doctor called Tuesday with blood results and said I'm not pregnant. I asked what my level was and all she would say is "insignificant". She agreed to retest blood on Friday but kept telling me over and over that I am just not pregnant and never was (ie she wouldn't call this a chemical). She had no idea why the digital tests would say positive.

Any ideas? I've had cramping the entire time, so I don't have much hope for a positive outcome even if I am pregnant but I'd like to know what happened. I'm not on any <a href="">fertility medications</a>. I'm 41 and all my pregnancies have ended in miscarriage.

Thank you!