Did I even ovulate?? 😢


Ok so I’m 28 and have come off the pill after being on it for probably 10 years. So this is my third cycle TTC and I have longer cycles, which makes pinpointing ovulation tricky. My cycles are anywhere from 32 - 40 days. I decided to test morning and night every day since my period ended. Did I even ovulate? Day 26 and 27 were the darkest tests I got, but everything I’ve read says that line must be as dark or darker than the control line? Surely I can’t be yet to ovulate this cycle. I’m continuing to test just in case, but how the heck could I have missed ovulation! Arghhh 😤 The frustration is real!! I just want to pee on a stick and have it say positive whether that be a pregnancy test or an ovulation test..