Got To See My Babygirl


So we went for a ultrasound today at 18 weeks and 4 days. Well my midwife comes in and she is asking me about my last period. Well June 8th was the day of my last period. So they are predicting my due date to be March 15,2019. Well I’ve known this since my very first appointment. So she tells me she is concerned on how big my baby is measuring. She is only measuring at 17 weeks and 5 days. Yes only 6 days off but that’s why they are so concerned. I have to get another ultrasound at the local hospital sometime next week and I’m so worried. I’m now considered a high risk pregnancy and I’m soooo scared. She also told me that my placenta is low like on my cervix. So they also have to keep a eye out on that now. I just want my Babygirl healthy😢 But here is a picture of her💞