What is this....

Hey y’all, I was just wondering wtf this is??? I was supposed to start my period today but that’s all that came out, I’ve been on birth control for a while now and I’m sexually active. I had a miscarriage last year at 4 months pregnant, and it looked kinda like this but obviously bigger and the baby was more developed. Should I be worried? Does this look like it could be another miscarriage??


Okay so I showed my mom and my boyfriends mom and they agreed that it looks like another miscarriage, I am hopefully going to go to the doctor soon, but with me living so far away from my my family’s doctor it gets hard to go up there without missing any classes. No more big “clots” have come out, only small ones with that same glossy look. A little gross, but I touched the ones in the pictures above^ and they were kinda sticky and rubbery?? Anyways, I just went to the bathroom and this is what came out

I can’t really tell what that is but it came out of my vagina and that’s a little unsettling🙃😬 let me know what you think!!