Am I Bugging?🐝🐞🐜

Sooooo... to make a long story short. One of my β€œlesbian” besties decided to mess around with a BOY who broke my heart. Like he was the FIRST boy i ever talked to and tried to pursue something with ( i was 16 πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ ) anywhoozies, she claim to forgot who the boy was and blah blah. I wasn’t about to lose one of my closest friends over a penis, so i forgave her and just swept it under the rug.. BUT a female is in a relationship with my beautiful girlfriend, Maya. My β€œlez” friend got to meet her because we all went to a hotel party. But the whole night, she was TRYING (cause who i look like) to be all over her and tried to get her alone while i was sleep. She was a little tipsy sooo was it the drunk in her that was making her act like that, or is she desperately trying to get me to back hand her. Idk. I don’t trust her, but that’s my girl so i don’t think she would try and hurt me in a similar fashion again. Somebody explain.

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