Stay or Go

Y’all me and my husband has been going through so much lately , he even cheated . I’m willing to forgive him and start over . Which y’all probably think I’m stupid for , but I love him . The issue is he blames me for every issue in our marriage , I asked him why he cheated and he said that I spend to much money and that I have never been there for him . That’s not true , we have been together since I was in high school . And for the longest we have been all we had ... is my husband a narcissist ? When I tell you that this man feels like I’m the reason for everything wrong in his life ... he does ? Should I try and make it work , or should I just let it go ? I’m sooooo torn ... I’m not perfect at all , and I have my flaws ! But , I’ll never take away the good things from him .. I asked him if I had any good qualities and he told me no , and that hurt because i love him so much and I take pride in being a good wife ..