My dog got out, my water broke, and my MIL is a psycho.


The day I went into labor was anything but usual. I had just began my maternity leave, it was saturday and my last day of work had been Friday. I joked with my coworkers that she would come that day and I wouldnt get to rest🤷. I was Due on 10/10, but on the morning of Saturday Oct. 6, things got real.

I woke up and began my saturday morning cleaning schedule. My hubs informed me his parents were on their way over to bring breakfast and spend time with our 2 yr old. (I was already annoyed because they are not my favorite people) I let the dog out and then realized the gate was open, so i walked down the street to get him (he always goes to the same house). He saw me coming and was coming to me, but ran out in front of the neighbors car! I yelled and she stopped thank god, and when i bent down to pick him up i felt a little gush of fluid. I couldnt tell if it was my water or pee. My neighbor tried to start a coversation but i was ready to go home so i skirted it. I got home, checked myself, and it was definitely my water. My husband (whos a plumber) was in our daughters baththroom unclogging the bathtub with his sewer machine. I had to bang on the door for 10 mins until he finally heard me. I told him to call his parents and tell them not to come- as i hear a knock on the door. Its my MIL. 🙄 My husband tells her my water broke and were fixing to head to the hospital, and she starts freaking out. Asking what were doing with my daughter, who always stays with my parents because my inlaws do drugs and are not aloud to keep our kids. She throws a tantrum about us taking our daughter to my moms, and then asks my husband if he knew this was happening and just invited her over to bring us breakfast. Like we cant afford our own breakfast....she is crying and acting like a 3 yr old, and my husband has asked her repeatedly to please leave because were trying to get out the door. I come out of our room to get some things from the dryer i had washed for the hospital, and she starts following me around asking what she can help with. It was so chaotic!!

We are finally ready to go, and shes still hanging around. She leaves when we leave finally!

After all that, i was really trying to find some zen on the way to the hospital.

Luckily, my delivery experience was wonderful, and my sweet baby girl was born 11 hours later at 8:56pm, 8lbs 15oz, 21inches long. I had no tears and no stitches.

Afterwards, my MIL tried to tell my husband she was "joking" about saying we just invited her over so she'd bring us breakfast. She is next level crazy yall.

Heres my sweet baby!