Crying because of false labor


For 3 hours I had contractions 10 mins apart AND extreme back pain. Felt like someone crushing my back! I tried changing positions and taking a hot bath but couldn’t get comfortable and even the bath didn’t help. They start to turn into 8 mins apart then 4 minutes apart. I was told to go in if they were 4 mins apart for an hour. An hour later they were still coming every 4 mins. I got dressed to go to the hospital and they stopped. It’s been 2 hours and I’ve just been suffering through back pain and discomfort to my lower abdomen. I’m exhausted now and frustrated. My boyfriend and I got into an argument over it because I didn’t know if it was false or real and got fed up and he went to bed because he works in 4 hours and was tired of me being indecisive about going.

I’m 38 weeks on Thursday