Solved my metformin nausea!


I solved my 1500 metformin nausea by taking 500 mg (one pill) mid breakfast and 1000 mg (two pills) mid-dinner. Middle of meals was critical for no nausea (Taking one dose at lunch gave me terrible nausea all afternoon and evening). Low carb meals with the pills helps (potatoes and lettuce seemed to make my side effects worse). Lots of water.

If I want to have alcohol, I’ll either have a drink at dinner and my pills later before bed with a protein/dairy snack, or take my pills with dinner and have a drink later in the evening.

I worked up to this dose by starting with just a half pill before bed with snack, and increasing by half or whole pill every week. Got pos ovulation test this month now that I’m up to 1500 mg so fingers crossed for that to continue!