So annoyed with my marriage

Been married for 5 years

Have a 3 year old

4 months pregnant currently

My husband was sober in every way when I met him then we got married then came weed like once in a while , his old habit gaming , cigarettes finishes a pack in three days and also beer there is nothing he doesn’t do . I’m tired of just stressing and fighting and him not stopping I’m so annoyed at my marriage that if he doesn’t change something or mature up I’m just gonna kick him out . He’s 28 I’m 27 . He does a lot to help around the house and spends more than enough time with me and my son he makes sure we come first he cares a lot in that sense but those things he does I just can’t tolerate anymore like I need a man not a child I feel he will never grow up 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Please tell me am I over reacting or is this a reason for divorce if those things don’t stop ...