I just realized dumbly that he had or has feelings

Wow I am one stupid bitch 😪

After rereading all of my messages with my friends with benefits and then thinking about our nights that we spent together having sex and such and things that he said when we got together

It actually hit me oh my gawd dumbass he had or still has feelings idk if he does or not anymore. I do admit I did try to push him away a couple times and then I would apologize and explain my reasonings for being such a way which was totally embarrassing now that I’m re reading all of our text messages from last eight months

The reason why I am saying this is because he just isn’t acting the way that he was before... things he did care about before he doesn’t give a shit or at least he’s making it seem that way that he doesn’t care about them anymore..... Plus some things he would ask me before regularly he no longer asks :(

Fuuuuuuuuuck my life this really sucks for me because I also had feelings.... still do

I know I know I know why would you do that because I was afraid of getting hurt

I get it I’m stupid I should’ve just gave him a chance. I mean he is still texting me and reaching out soooo that’s good

I would like answered in the poll is

could it be possible that he still has feelings and he’s just trying not to let them show orrrrrr something now that I tried to push him away a couple times maybe he’s just trying to hide them???? or are they just GONE?

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