What's up?


Okay so I'm in need of more friends lol. Anyone is fine but people close(ish) to my age is nice

I'm Elizabeth, I'm 18 and will be 19 in March.

I love nature and anything artsy (Art, Music, Writing, Theater, and so on). My music taste is Indie, Rock, EDM, and Pop mostly.

I'm in so many fandoms, I can't even start. I watch a lot of different shows like Paranormal/Supernatural, Syfy, Action and so on. I've seen a few animes too.

I'm super forgetful and clumsy AF, stairs have it out for me.

I'm kinda into Astrology and Zodiacs. Really basic, I know but it's fun. I'm a Pisces!

I know ASL (American Sign Language) but I def need improvement. I'm also learning Spanish and French. Would love to learn Gaelic and Greek.

I'm a huge culture and mythology nerd. I was kinda closed off from the world as a child so when I learned about how other people around the world live and their beliefs, it blew my mind.

Sorry! This turned out way longer than I thought but hey maybe more people will respond this way! I'm super friendly so don't be scared to text me, I won't bite.

The age doesn't really matter much, It's just kinda easier to get along people your age it seems