Some advice please :(


So I had the implant removed middle of may and then had a period may June July August ranging from 28-33 day cycles me and my partner started ttc after having implant removed and we bd more or less every night last month I started tracking my opks getting what I thought were positives or near positives I was due my last period 19th September but nothing and neg test then had a blood test at 1 week late then tested every week with different brands and all been negative I had a blazing positive opk on the 8th October and now faint ones again. Today I am 4 weeks late tested this morning negative would have been due to start a new cycle today but still stuck on cd 59 getting so fed up and more and more heartbroken every negative I have. I have always been regular even when on implant I was never this late. Can someone please give me advice maybe I ovulated late and 8th October I was fertile which would make me roughly 9dpo today just need some advice please