Bfp after miscarriage?!?!??😥

Trisha • Happily married, 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼angels currently on our last try 🤞🌈👶🏼41 & almost done ttc

As silly as this question is... how many of you ladies got a bfp (not a vvvvfl) I mean +!!! Almost a month after losing our precious bean👼🏼, at 6w6days... no d&c, ob/gyn said “go ahead and try immediately if you both feel it’s right”.... so we did & I tracked and tracked we’d bd on days/nights we both didn’t really want to to ttc again.. I know this is really early & I kinda wish we would’ve waited.. but we didn’t annnddd here we are... called ob office last night & they’re supposed to call back today for more bloodwork..,. This is just so confusing. I know I’m my heart it’s prob leftover hormones but I’m factoring in the other circumstances???

Anyone else had this happen? If so what was the outcome? If you don’t mind sharing?? My brain is doing flip flops along w my emotions 🤢😈😇 that sums up my mornings lately lol