Moon phases and ovulation

Ok SO I’ve been trying to learn more about ovulation and how it happens, I was diagnosed with pcos and came across an article about ovulating on the day of your birth moon phase

So you can go on google and search moon phases

Search the month and year of your birth day and the phase the moon was in will come up

(I got waxing crescent for mine)

I tracked ovulation for MONTHS and never got positive ovulation tests

I’ve tested twice this month and got a few positives a couple weeks apart from each other

Here’s the CRAZY part

The 2nd ovulation test was the boldest positive I’ve EVER gotten, on October 12th and the moon phase was a waxing crescent!

I read the article 3 days after it happened and it was so random, I was having these odd stomach pains and I decided to take a test and got a blazing positive, took a few more tests every hour for a few hours and I know I for SURE ovulated, I babydanced the day before, and the day of so fingers crossed this isn’t a myth 🤞🏼🤞🏼