I dont believe in signs... but i think im going crazy.

Sandra 🤰🏼

Right, so I was never the person to believe in signs at all. I always think that everything is just a coincidence. Well this month has been full of weird things that never happened to me before and Im going crazy hoping these are actually signs.

1- a few days ago i saw a shooting star randomly when going out for some fresh air (ofcourse after 17 months of ttc i hoped for a baby).

2- i was cutting peppers in work for chilli, and 3 out of 6 peppers had a smaller peppers inside. Thats never happened and i do it every two days. On a different day I was cutting mushrooms and a tiny one was attached to a bigger one.

3- i was sitting in my garden And noticed a feather flew near me, in my culture it means someones watching over you and good things are to come, i grabbed the feather, wished for a baby, and blew it up towards the sky, i went to get my tea, came back and the feather was back beside my door.

4- My mum wanted to surprise me with a new belly button bar and ordered one on ebay (it was meant to be one with two hearts in it) but they accidentally sent a pregnancy bar with two little feet on them. That was absolutely crazy and made me cry.

5- my boss and another coworker were joking about and i said im going for my break, my coworker jokingly said to take the trash out, and my boss jokingly replied with “youre such a gentleman, you wouldnt say that if she was pregnant would you” and laughed. That made me upset but happy at the same time.

I never believed in signs but this month has been crazy.

Does anybody believe in them?