Virgin Mary ( ISSA RANT )

Norraine • On a wonderful journey of loving myself deeply 🖤 .

I’m 18 and I’m still a virgin . Yes Imma proud one to . BUT ! being a virgin with raging hormones at times can be FRUSTRATING . I have sex in my head mostly everyday 😭 . My imagination be wilding in my head honestly ! My vagina probably hates me so much from all the masturbating I do 😭 ! I keep telling God this my last night of watching Alexis on Pornhub but I can’t stop ! My friends talk about all their dick appointments around me and I just sit there like a nerd ! I scroll here on eve and see all YOU GUYS GETTING ALL THE DICK IN THE WORLD and it’s more to it ! The list doesn’t stop . My virginity better count it’s days ! But seriously, I don’t plan on losing it no time soon until I find the right one 🤞🏼💯 . I just wanted to rant how frustrating it can be at times . Hope you guys can feel my pain, later ! 🙄 .