Need to complain!

Chelsea • Mommy of two.

Being pregnant is so hard so let's just make a thread with all the stuff that's bothering us! (I know some of this will get worse as pregnancy progresses and I do already have another kid)

So let's start!

Today my hips are killing me. My chest and upper back are killing me! My freaking head hurts! And the heart burn! Did someone feed me hot coals because that is what it feels like. I'm tired of peeing! I may as well live on the toilet! If I start crying over something stupid one more freaking time! My gums hurt no matter how much time I spend brushing my teeth! My legs are so sore from the leg cramps I get throughout the night!!!!

Anyway I can't wait for January and to meet my sweet little girl! (No earlier than that though I will take all this for my sweet girl to come out healthy)