16 month old

I feel like a shit parent. Lately, my daughter has been screaming crying and throwing fits. It's mostly at bedtime. She's been only wanting her dad and anytime she hears or sees him when trying to go to bed, she screams her head off. Anything I do or say will not comfort her unless my husband comes in the room and stays with her. Idk if it's because he gives her her way all the time or because I'm almost due with our 2nd (3 weeks left). Or maybe it's her teeth... but I dont think so. I can't put her to bed how I use to. Now it's up to my husband and it takes him like a whole hour to get her to sleep. She does not want me at all. Feels like she hates me... my hormones are probably making me feel worse. but is this normal behavior? or am I doing something wrong..