I just need to rant.


Okay, so, I absolutely HATE being nauseous. I would rather shoot myself in the leg than deal with nausea in any form. When I first found out I was pregnant, I kept having nightmares that I would be diagnosed with HG. It was pretty much a constant worry, and I’d try to laugh it off and say that the odds are in my favor.

Well, they AREN’T.

I literally was diagnosed with the one thing I was terrified of.

My husband made a joke while at the ER that maybe we’re a “one and done” family🙃

Anyway. I’m so upset that I was the one who got this. And now every other female in my family is like “just eat crackers and you’ll be fine” like🙄 Tried. That. Still went to the ER.

Meds are my life now. I have accepted it🙌🏻