Am I overreacting?

My boyfriend got a new dog recently. It’s almost a year old lab. Very sweet, loving dog however it is destroying our relationship. If you leave the dog alone for more than a minute he will tear apart anything and everything that he can. From food on the counter, to furniture, etc.. I have cleaned the place spotless and tried moving things to where the dog couldn’t reach but still somehow found a way. We left for a few hours, came back and his place was a disaster to where you couldn’t event walk around. The carpet is ruined from dog poop and pee. We take him out, so he gets plenty of time outside. I bought him a dog bed and he chewed the entire thing up. Earlier I made brownies, went to take a shower and came back to find the dog eating them all on the floor.. im always cleaning up after the dog. My boyfriend doesn’t see a problem he just says it’s normal puppy behavior. He cuddles with his dog more than he does with me. I tried mentioning he should get the dog a trainer to help train him and he got mad. We keep getting in fights over the dog because he won’t do a damn thing about it. I’m always cleaning up after the damn dog. I even quit cleaning up to see if he would do it and see how it feels, it’s been 3 weeks and he hasn’t picked up a damn thing and his place is just so gross now that I’ve given up and started to clean it again. We even tried kennel training him, he ripped a hole through the kennel and covered it in poop and pee, it was so gross. What do I do? Is this normal puppy behavior? Not only has he ruined his apartment, but even our relationship is on a wits end over this. 😢 please help me. He said either I accept him and his dog or I can leave because him and his dog is a package deal...but we got the dog together.., I’ve been around longer for him than his dog. I don’t understand, I am heartbroken and don’t know what to do.. 😔