Can’t seem to find God

Don’t get me wrong I love him and at the moment I’m trying to have a better relationship with Him but it seems like now that I am, I’m just so upset it seems like nothing in my life is going good right now, I’ve always been a high achiever and now in my 2nd year of uni i barely passed on two recent tests I thought I did well on, went to review sessions did the practice test and still 🙃 relationship with my boyfriend is up in the air...I didn’t get any of the two jobs I applied for on campus and I applied for a spot on a committee made the first cut but didn’t make the cut after interviews I just don’t understand 😭😭all of this is in one month,can we just end October already?!!

Idk it’s just too much I’m just feeling really discouraged

Update: thank you guys so much for the kind words they really did help

Went to church today and it felt like the worship leader spoke directly to me, she referenced Isaiah 41:8-9 and the verse “I have chosen thee and, not cast thee away” really resonated with me and I found it quite ironic as I was feeling that scripture in my spirit from last week. But I just wanted to say thank you again 💕