A Story #7


We finally stopped kissing to take a breath.

"Damn," he murmured. "You're a good kisser.

I smiled cheekily. Kneeling, I started nibbling his ear. I worked my way down, kissing his neck. Working my hands under his hoodie, started to pull it up. Carson got the hint and took the hoodie off. He was shirtless underneath. He saw me staring at his perfect abs and smirked. Kicking off his sneakers, Carson pulled me on to my bed.

"Things are going to get real fun around here," he breathed into my ear. The room got about a million times hotter. He literally ripped my shirt off, revealing my DD cleavage. Trailing his arms down my body, he gave a low whistle. We were both sitting up in the bed. He smoothly unhooked my bra and tossed it aside. He pushed me down on the bed. With skillful hands, he pinched and slapped my boobs. He bit my nipples slowly at first, but got rougher and rougher: relentlessly pinching and slapping, making my tits tingle and perk up. He could barely unzip my skirt; his hands were shaking. My upper body was tingling in pleasure just from his kisses and touch. When he saw my soaked thong, I could see his cock harden even more.

"Damn, Anastasia, your pussy is so wet," he groaned. He shook his head. I took advantage of him staring at what little was left covered, and started pulling his sweats down. So we both lay in bed with only a thong and a pair of boxers on. He started grinding me, his solid cock against my screaming clit. We kissed, all over each other. My nails we're digging into his back, but he didn't stop. I was reaching my climax, and he hadn't even revealed his rod yet. Right when I thought I was about to orgasm, he stopped grinding me. I moaned.

"Not yet, baby girl." He slipped his hands down under my back and into my ass, pulling the thong down in the process. I grasped for the waistline of his boxers, but he smirked and pinned my hands down. Somehow, he found my discarded bra and used that to tie my hands together under my back.

"Damnit, Carson. Let me use my arms."

"Not yet, little girl," he whispered, his voice husky. "Not until I punish you."

His mouth attacked the soft skin of my puss. Chewing, biting, slowly but surely growing more intense. He licked me thrrough, and started to kiss his way up to my chest again. He bit and batted with my boobs, and suddenly slipped a finer into me. I moaned.

"Ughhhhhh. C-carson...uhhh"

I lay there writhing in agony and absolute pleasure as he finger fucked me. My back was arched so far, I couldn't arch it anymore. He kept biting, slapping. His cock was against my ass, and it just kept getting harder and harder. Then he put two fingers in my vagina.

I tried not to scream. If I did, everyone else in the dorm would probably come down to find out what was going on. I had to content myself with silent moans and whisper screams. His breath was heavy and labored, tickling my neck. It just kept getting hotter and hotter. His fingers rooted around down there relentlessly, stroking and touching the most sensitive spots. I was about to cum. But suddenly, he withdrew his hand and stopped slapping me.

((Continuation tomorrow))