How do you grow courage to leave ??

I just moved to a new city 5 months ago so i dont have very many ladies to talk to about what goes on in my life, so i figured i’d wing it on here.

My boyfriend of 2 years has a tendency of getting drunk and extremely mad at me about small things that happen.

last night for example, we were out with friends and having the best time, his friend was talking to me at our table and we were chatting for awhile, 1 am rolled around and my bf decides its time to go, so we go and as soon as were about to step out the door of the bar he steps on the back of my shoe and gives me the worst look ever. he immediately says “how dare you flirt with my friend infront of me”

for the whole walk home he was screaming at me drunk and saying horrible things about me, he even put his hand on my throat and pushed me around a bit.

i tried to go to sleep on my own and he paced outside the door of the bedroom till 6 am talking and yelling too himself.

i was so scared my whole body was trembling.

we wokeup this morning and of course he apologizes and promises he’ll change.

this is the 4th time its happened. and i keep forgiving him because i love him and i know he can change if he pushes himself.

this time was the last straw for me though.

except, i dont have a vehicle to take me away. i dont have any money to put myself in a hotel till i find a new place to live. i have nothing. im stuck.

what do i do.

he gets very angry easily and i feel like i have to walk on eggshells to keep him calm.