My husband and I are TTC


Sooo my husband and I are TTC we’ve been trying for about month now & I’m legit thinking i can’t have kids being that he has gotten two women before me pregnant 🤰🏽 but that’s not the reason for this post .. I had a period September 1st-5th (my period is irregular asf) but anyways when i went to Alabama , I started bleeding again .. it wasn’t a normal period it was light like i had to wipe in order to remember i was bleeding and it had some brown as if it was going off but not really , i honestly think i bled for like maybe 2 or 3 days it never got heavy and my friend was screaming take a test and it came back negative (what a shocker right🙄) so here we are October 21st and i still haven’t had a period ..I went to the doctor Monday or Tuesday because i was having migraines & nausea and it wouldn’t go away .. but they didn’t say anything about me being pregnant, & I’m really confused because I’m almost positive my period supposed to been here and left by now !! So what do you guys think!?? I really need opinions because this is beyond weird.. yes i have been sleepy asf , i feel sick every time i eat no matter what it is but deep down i feel like my period is going to come on even though every body is telling my husband I’m pregnant