How many baby clothes & of what sizes?

Anna • First time mummy to be

Hi all. Bear with me. Need some advice and also see what you guys are getting!😜 So I now have fair bit baby clothes. But it’s the how many of what weights etc am not sure about. (Not sure what size my baby will be) I have a few tiny baby then some newborn, up to one month, then 0-3 clothes. Mostly baby grows, vests, tops and leggings. I don’t wanna go mad and buy too much, but it’s how much of each sizes? I know some babies need changing a lot. I’ve had various advice from mums.. even if they had what was classed as a bigger baby - some have said they still needed the newborn or up to 1 month as baby was ‘shrivelled’ or seemed small. Others have said they went straight into 0-3. It’s a minefield😜🙈 xx