URGENT🚨 if you’re up and can read this please respond ‼️

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Okay. Long story short as I can make it. I’m 10w2days as of today. Last week(last Sunday to be exact) I had been experiencing a lot of pain down there. I’m bad at explaining but it felt like a bowling ball stuck in my vagina🤷🏽‍♀️ I felt it for 3 days so it bothered me so bad at work I left and went to the ER. Turns out i had a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis & an UTI. I was prescribed 2 antibiotics and a list of what to do for the yeast and sent on my way. Here it is, Sunday again, Im not feeling well. it got worse last night, but to walk is literally excruciating. And I live in 2nd story apartments. YES I know I need to see a dr, I’m waiting on my mother to get here so I can head back to the ER. I’m crying and I don’t know what else this could be. It’s interfering with my work schedule as I have to call out because I can’t walk (I work retail, at Target) am I going crazy?