Keep hoping or no?


Hello fellow ttc ladies,

Kyle and I have been trying to conceive for over a year. I've been to the women's health clinic and gotten some tests done and they said my lady factory seems ok. Kyle hasn't been checked out yet because the closest clinic is a few hour's drive away and he would have to take a day off.

This month I tried every odd thing that I've read on glow that helps with conceiving. A few days before my period I felt cramps and I was like....bummer, period time. Then nothing happened. Not a drop of blood since my last period. I'm still cramping like I'm about to start but nothing else. For the year that I've been tracking, the most I've ever been late is two or three days. Usually I start spotting a few days before my predicted period.

I've taken several first response pink pee tests with the first morning pee. But all negative. This late in the game should I still keep hoping or should I just expect my period to start when it starts?

P.s. Hubby and I do baby dance outside of the ovulation time, I just only log it here around our time or when I have too much time on my hands.